Episode 7 – Enter the Shredder

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In Episode 4, Rob and Josh discuss the 1988 Playmates Donatello action figure, issue 2 of the original Mirage TMNT comic titled “TMNT VS The Mousers”, and episode 2 of the original TMNT Fred Wolf cartoon titled “Enter the Shredder”!

Sewer Surfin’ performed by Daniel Tidwell (www.facebook.com/danieltidwellofficial)

Big thanks to Pat Fraley for the intros and interview!

Episode 6 – A Word with Pat Fraley

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In this special edition of Turtle Flakes, Josh, Landon, and Rob interview legendary voice actor Pat Fraley from Dimension X!

“Sewer Surfin'” Performed by Daniel Tidwell (www.facebook.com/danieltidwellofficial)

“9.95” By Spunkadelic

Episode 5 – Skateboarding Ponies

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In episode 5, Joshatello and Robael review issue 1 of the 2011 IDW TMNT comic, issue 1 of the new animated series comic and episode 1 of the 2012 cartoon series.

“Sewer Surfing” Performed by Daniel Tidwell