Episode 19 – Jim Lawson Strikes Back

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In this totally tubular interview, we talk once again with legendary TMNT comic artist and writer, Jim Lawson!

We discuss:

– The IDW 30th anniversary comic issue and signing at Jetpack and Shellback Artworks with Eastman and Laird

– The 4th Volume of the Mirage TMNT comics

– Tales of the TMNT, Issue 4 – “I, Monster” and the origin of The Rat King

– The old TMNT films as well at the upcoming TMNT film

– Lawson’s thoughts of the new IDW TMNT comic series

– The inking process and collaborating with other writers/artists

– Lawson’s next big comic book project

…And much, much more!

“TMNT Theme Song” Performed by Daniel Tidwell: facebook.com/danieltidwellofficial

“9.95” by Spunkadellic

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